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What is Courage?

Through the eyes of the Puerto Rican soldiers this novel gives a whole new perspective on the Korean War and on the word courage. The brave men of the 65th Infantry Battalion faced the North Koreans in battle, the bigotry of the Continentals, and the conflicts in their minds. The carefully woven backstories made the characters real. I clenched my fist at the prejudice, the ironies, and the trials these brave men suffered. I found real lessons for today in this piece of history. Some lives are no more important than others; no one deserves to be sent up the hill of death because of their birthplace or skin color. Real courage is standing up to authority and doing the right thing. "The Shape of Courage" sheds a new light on courageous American citizens--a must read!

More information on this author, a true expert on the authentic Puerto Rican experience, can be found at the link below. You can also purchase his books here:


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