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Step into Another World. Cross the Hall.

Crossing the Hall is truly an eye-opening exposé of the influence of the worlds of our childhoods. The islands where we lived afforded few opportunities for us to really question why we believed what we did, what we actually knew about other races and cultures.

This book not only gives us a chance to see that our deep-seated ideas could be contradictory, but also divisive and destructive. The messages ingrained in us are challenged, and we are encouraged to confront them. The anecdotes involving real students, and our expectations and preconceived notions make this book all too real. We are pushed out of our comfort zone, our own tunnel and forced to venture into the lives and minds of others who are not like us. Every teacher and everyone who questions racism in America needs to read this book. It brings a new kind of understanding to those on both sides. Are you brave enough to cross the hall?

There is no one better suited to write a book about racism in our classrooms than Lori Wojtowicz, with thirty-five years experience teaching high school English. She writes not about what she taught, but about what she learned. The lessons about racism, what it is, where it comes from, and where it resides. Her perspective is one that is rarely seen, one where the author understands that her upbringing never taught her what lives were like across the hall. But she strives to know better, and to be better. Her authenticity is found in the snippets of her classroom interactions, in the relationships that make the story.


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