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Identity Is Shaped by Experiences and Lessons

An amazing resource to inspire teachers to be their best selves in the classroom—to be that teacher every student deserves. The lessons gleaned from excellent teachers serve as a guide to developing qualities that matter. Embedded in the didactic elements, the author tells a wonderful story of going from an African-American boy in special education, to teaching in AmeriCorps, to working as a math teacher in the Boston Public Schools. Kwame Sarfo-Mensah’s experiences shaped his identity, and gave him the confidence to successfully relate to his students, set high expectations for them, and to thrive in spite of many tough situations. This book is a must-read for all educators.

Kwame Sarfo-Mensah holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Temple University, and a Master's degree in Elementary Education. He has dedicated twelve years to teaching in Philadelphia and Boston, making a positive impact on the lives of children in some of the roughest neighborhoods. An award-winning educator, he seeks to promote and inspire others. Kwame is the Founder and CEO of Identity Consulting, LLC, with the mission of uplifting and empowering educators who are committed to reverse the ills of the urban education system in America. He highlights the accomplishment of some of these educators in his book From "Inaction" to "In Action".

Shaping the Teacher Identity is available on Bookshop


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