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A Great Beach Escape!

Inn Season gives you a rare chance to follow Nia D’Amato, the spunky detective who’s a magnet for trouble. She’s supposed to be on vacation on charming Nantucket Island off Cape Cod. But she’s in the midst of a case in a splash. Murders are rare on the island, unlike in her home territory of Boston. The Police Captain, John Miller, is grateful for her assistance. . . and her company. Soon all of the small-town gossips are wagging their tongues about them and the accident, not totally convinced that it is even a murder. There's an undercurrent of emotion about the tragic loss of a teenage child. Serious situations are tinged with a bit of romantic banter, making this novel a lot of fun to read. Just when you think things are resolved, another sea gull comes flying at you! Walking past the nautical shops and charming cafes, an ominous feeling lurks.

If you’re looking for a getaway, let Inn Season transport you on a real beach escapade!

The author's life has been dedicated to the use of technologies to support children of all ages in their abilities to communicate. He's been writing off and on for over twenty years. Inn Season is Robert Tucker’s second novel. The reader meets Detective Nia D’Amato in Sparkles of Discontent, another delightful New England mystery.

Inn Season and Sparkles of Discontent are available at:

and on Amazon.


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