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A Magical Christmas Tale

The Last Shepard & Tales of the Tenth Ornament makes the mystery and miracle of Christmas come alive. The reader meets humankind: the gritty, caring, helpful, and greedy people who leave prints in the snow and on your heart. They convince you that they really frequent the streets of Boston, and maybe they do. As the story unfolds through the eyes of a young reporter, we feel Jack’s struggle to keep his small gift shop afloat, not unlike many small businesses today. Jack never loses faith and never stops helping others no matter how many blows fate deals him. The enchanting story is accompanied by beautiful illustrations. Messages of love, giving, meaning and purpose in life inspire us and touch our hearts. This beautiful story is a true treasure that measures up to the traditional Christmas classics.

The Author, Mark Duffield, is a master storyteller capable of weaving a tale of hard times into a miracle of hope.

Available through Barnes and Noble, or you can order your copy at

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