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Peace and Quiet at Last

This story takes children from the noisy, overwhelming world into a quiet place inside themselves. The perfectly chosen words of Deborah Sosin and beautiful illustrations by Sara Woolley make this book a classic.

Charlotte’s adventure takes her to all the places that are filled with sirens, screeches, clatters, squeaks, and more noise. The reader feels the sensory overload, which is almost too much. After chasing her dog, Charlotte finally rests under a tree, breathes deeply, and finds that place in her mind where her “thoughts are hushed and low”.

So many children (and adults) find it really difficult to be calm in our world of chaos and confusion. But Charlotte is delightful child who shows the way to find inner peace through mindfulness. This book should be on every child’s bookshelf and in every classroom.

Deborah Sosin and Sara Woolley have created a book that will help many children cope with a chaotic world for years to come!

Charlotte and the Quiet Place is available in your favorite Indie bookstore, on Goodreads, Bookshop, and on Amazon.


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