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Are You Ready for a Terrifying Adventure in the Amazon?

The main character, Lily starts out as an orphan, an atypical and vulnerable heroine. Lily makes decisions that send her into a remote village in the Amazon, where she’s definitely a fish out of water. The reader is right there with her in this lush and terrifying place, feeling the fears of strange creatures and a culture just as frightening and mysterious. The intense drama draws its strength from Lily’s loyalty in love and her determined sense of survival through physical and emotional pain. The author weaves the journey, the love story, and the characters together in an amazing environment with vivid descriptions by one who has actually been there.

If you’re looking for suspense in a world filled with danger, you’ll find it in this gritty and captivating novel.

Erica Ferencik, is a best selling author of thrillers that take place in remote and frightening places. Her novel, The River at Night is a #1 pick by Oprah. Erica is an adventurer and travels to the places she writes about. Her descriptions are authentic and her prose drags the reader into these dangerous and faraway places with unlikely characters. She believes that writing has to come from life.

Erica was interviewed by Access Framingham TV, where she talks about her writing and her life, which includes work as a realtor and a stand-up comedian.

Barnes and Noble, and your favorite bookstores.

It is also available on Amazon.


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