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The Treasure in the Basket

Too often, the value of one's cultural identity is lost. In Tales from the Whispering Basket Larry Spotted Crow Mann tells the beautiful and painful story of a Native American teenager and his mother finding the most valuable treasure in an old basket woven by one of their ancestors. The story transcends the lives of these two people. It explains the need for understanding and acceptance of cultures different from our own.

Larry is a master storyteller, bringing to life his own culture. His book, Dreaming and Drumming is a wonderful collection of "Aesop-type Fables" as told in the legends of Indigenous People. His Award winning book, The Mourning Road to Thanksgiving, makes us realize the tragic consequences of judging others based on their ethnic background or the color of their skin.

The stories are riveting, real, and you can't come away without a sense of the injustices that have been perpetrated because a culture was misunderstood for centuries.

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