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Ocean-Inspired Treasures

Friends and Anemones is a wonderful assortment of poems that brings to life creatures as strange and tiny as a glassy diatom and as huge and familiar as a blue whale. Adults will love sharing this collection with kids of all ages. The reader swims with the minnows, glides with the sea stars, and hides with the hermit crabs. This book is overflowing with beautiful images and its message is as powerful as the crashing waves, reminding us how we must take care of our ocean and all the amazing animals in it.

Friends and Anemones is published by the Writer’s Loft Press with selections and images from its many creative, talented writers and illustrators, edited by Kristen Wixted and Heather Kelly. The Writer’s Loft has partnered with the Rozalia Project, an organization in northern New England, that works to conserve a healthy and thriving marine ecosystem. (

To purchase this book, go to The Writer's Loft,


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