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Courage and Hope--A Heartwarming Story

"Live with Courage Lead with Hope" is a beautiful memoir of an English teacher in New Hampshire. By all standards, Michelle was a resounding success in school, at college, and in her chosen profession. Just when everything seemed nearly perfect, she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, thymoma. Her family, friends, and doctors were happy to support her through a fourteen year battle with this awful disease, because she gave so much back to them. Everyone who knew her loved being around her sparkling energy. Her positive attitude and sense of humor carried her through many long and difficult days.

This memoir, authored by her mother, Judy Cadorette, tells Michelle's story, and it includes some of her daughter's poetry and prose as well as tributes from friends. Of course, she included humorous quotes from Michelle's students. A beautiful person emerges from the pages, one who truly lived with courage and brightened everyone's life around her with hope.

This heartwarming memoir will make you laugh, and it will inspire you with its uplifting messages.


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