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A Current of Injustice Surrounds Power and Money

Throwaways is suspense-filled novel about power and money that takes place in the Florida Keys. Here the wealthy are above the law; all accusations against them roll off as if they are made of Teflon. The throwaways are at their mercy. Jake drifts into this world of the exploited when he finds a girl’s corpse floating while studying lion fish. He naively thinks that justice can be done for this unknown young girl and others like her who’ve been thrown onto the streets to fend for themselves. While he knows they are easy prey for those with power, he believes that he can fight for them. Jake falls into the cross-hairs of the sex-trafficking ring of the wealthy and well-connected. His own life story is inextricably entwined with those being exploited, motivating him to pursue a perilous search for the truth. He gathers unlikely allies, and isn’t always aware of the ones he should fear. The reader is kept on the edge, wondering whom to trust. The story is filled with empathy, hope, and loss. One of the best thrillers--you won’t be able to put down.

This is Elliott's fourth novel. They are all great suspense stories, but the legal ramifications make them unforgettable!

Throwaways and his other books: Chain Thinking, Lonesome Song and The Gene Police can all be found at or your favorite bookseller.


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