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A Cozy Mystery in Snowy Vermont

The Vermont Inn is a charming place for a cozy mystery. But this isn't where it all started. No, Downtown Crossing in Boston is the perfect place for a jewelry heist, or is it? The author carefully winds his characters (double-crossing bad guys, a couple with a dream, and a few good cops) into their New England lives with authentic motives and personalities. Nia D'Amato makes the perfect heroine, a gutsy gal with a true desire to do what is right in spite of risks and consequences. The perfect mystery to keep you warm by the fire on a snowy day.

A wonderful addition to any cold winter's night. The audible version is amazing and authentic as only the New England narrator and reporter Josh Brogadir can do! This story throws fear at you in the seedy streets of Boston, and drags you through the snow in picturesque Vermont.

This book is available at BookLocker, Powell's, Barnes & Noble, Waterstone, Amazon, and other booksellers.

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