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Beware of Propaganda!

The holocaust did not begin with the gas chambers. It began with separation, superiority and dishonesty. Propaganda was the foundation of these three intentions that fomented hatred, a mob mentality and evil. Eventually no one was safe.

It is imperative that we understand propaganda and its use today, or “Never Again” will be a hollow hope. Propaganda is defined as statements, ideas, allegations or facts that are often false, exaggerated or distorted. These rumors are spread and repeated in order to help or damage an institution, product, cause, person or group.

Propaganda changes thinking and behavior.


1. Name Calling – labeling or stereotyping (often used to instill a negative opinion

of a group or a set of beliefs)

2. The Big Lie – untrue statements that can be oversimplifications or contain a grain of truth so as to be believable; often these are repeated until they seem to be true

3. The Band Wagon – join the crowd, everyone else is doing it (voting for candidate X)

4. Transfer – relating something or someone well-liked or respected to a product, group or idea (often using symbols); can be the opposite- making a connection to someone or something undesirable to discredit the opponent or competitive product

5. Card Stacking – showing only one side of the product or situation (Cherry picking or being selective with the truth); showing only presenting a biased stand, burying or discrediting opposing evidence

6. Glittering Generality – using emotionally appealing words for a product or idea instead of giving a concrete representation, argument or analysis

7. Plain Folks Appeal – using everyday people to sell a product or idea

8. Distortion of the Facts – exaggerating, twisting or giving half-truths to persuade others to believe or behave in a certain way (e.g. assigning blame)

9. Testimonial – Using well-known or respected people to sell a product or idea

10. Prejudice Headline – Using a title that only tells a part of the story or emphasizes the desired viewpoint

11. Black-and-White Fallacy – Only two choices are given, with the desired product

or idea being the better or obvious choice

You can’t believe everything you hear. News coverage of international ideologies like ISIS, and political campaigns are rife with propaganda. Listen. Stop. Analyze.

Don't let propaganda change your thinking and behavior!

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