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CONTEST: Name the School

Thank you for all of your wonderful submissions!
The name chosen for my next novel's school is
Wilks Junior High School. The winner is Shristi Varshney. The runner up, Dana Browder Kerns, with West Belfield as her entry, will get an autographed copy of Gym Class Klutz.
The Day the Chalkboard Fell takes place in Mississippi in 1970. The schools have just been forcibly integrated, and a new young teacher arrives from upstate New York. This Junior High had been the old Black school, typically named for a famous person, e.g. George Washington Carver. Bobby Charles Wilks became the first African-American aviator in the Coast Guard in 1957. Hence the very appropriate name of Wilks Junior High School.
Stay Tuned for New Contests to come!
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