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Collector of Hidden Gems

The best part of reading is finding hidden gems, like four-leaf clovers. Here's one of my recent favorites:

​“. . . I’ve lived long enough to know that sometimes we find where we belong from the places we don’t.”

from Francisco X. Stork’s novel Illegal


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Books by Carol Lynn Luck

Golden Pages Press

" of the best 'teacher' books

I have ever read."

            Reader's Favorites

In the Classroom



" of those small, quiet books that can make a big difference."

  A retired teacher from Mississippi


A  young Yankee teacher is swept into

the cultural clashes of integration in Mississippi

A novel by

Carol Lynn Luck

 Cover Design and Illustration by Aemilia Ohop

 Golden Pages Press

More about Magnolias Don't Bloom in September

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"He was HUNGRY  for POWER."

 These were Grandma's words.

Heroines of the Kitchen Table

This was Grandma's story.


Four young women defied Hitler, and struggled to save their loved ones.

Clever tactics, strange coincidences and kind souls bring luck.  My Grandma, my mother-in-law and two dear friends brought their stories of survival to life at their kitchen tables. The terrifying situations, heart-wrenching separations, and enduring strengths are woven into the novel, Heroines of the Kitchen Table.


These stories from the 1930s and 40s must be re-told. Similar journeys are being travelled today. Millions are displaced, power is in the hands of a few, and propaganda abounds. No one is safe in a world where hatred and war prevail.


Will you say “too bad for them" until they come for you?


A Smart Kid Struggles and a Tough Teacher Cares

Shy Kenda wants desperately to belong in her new high school. She’s clumsy, a nerd and the size of a twelve year-old. Mary Sue, the only kid she knows in her huge school is one of the bullies--a popular girl who plays every sport like a pro. It’s 1962 and Miss Ditch teaches gym class like boot camp with uncompromising determination to make all her students star athletes. Unexpected things happen when these three personalities collide. Join Kenda, Miss Ditch and Mary Sue on a path laden with obstacles, protectors, perseverance and growth.

Dedicated to:
  ~  teachers whose lessons last the rest of our lives,
   ~ students who persevere in spite of  failings, and
   ~ my classmates from the '60s.

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